I guess there are times that I'd feel lazy to do anything. Nak pergi kerja pun even kerja banyak pun I don't have the passion to work my ass for it. I preferred to be stationed other than office. Nak kena duduk site jugak baru excited kanz. When I ngadu to Sapik, usual response, he would be laughed. He laughed at my work. Sebab I salu complained bila dia p outstation lama lama jauh jauh so I kinda envy his job. So bila I cakap, "I wanna visit KK again", his answer "Oh baru p haritu" with his bored tone. He practically went to everywhere and bila I ajak him go travel, most of the time answer mesti dah p. It's kinda annoying okay okay okay. 

At some point I wish I am married to him so I could follow him around. I dont wanna go to work. I wanna follow him to everywhere. Maybe I could just be a stay at home mom and when husband needs to go for outstation, the wife can follow him. Yay!

Yeah, big decision there Syida.

But of course, I dont wanna resign from my job. I love my job. Or else who would pay my expenses nanti. 

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