Preparation of the wedding

Well, two blog posts are surely showing that I have lotsa free time. Nyiaaa. No, I was just waiting for a call so I can do other things while waiting

Anyway, I know the wedding is gonna be like eeew lambat lagi but can I just start prepare the wedding stuff please ^^

I've been planning my wedding like ages ago (well since I was a little girl to be exact without knowing who is the lucky guy like seriously we always do this kinda thing right girls?) so I want to keep the moment of preparing till the ceremony itself in this blog. To make it well documented I shall label each of my post (which I malas nak buat before ni geez) so that it would be an easy reference for me and for other people as well (only if other people find it interesting haha).

Therefore, I shall announce myself as a bridezilla hahahahahah omg I swear those word made me feel big as a godzilla Y Y

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