Dear MH370, nation is still mourning

My deepest condolences go to the family and friends of the passengers and crews. As read on Auji's instagram, who knows the ticket that they bought is the ticket to see our mighty creator. It struck me right away the moment I read it. I can't imagine how scared the souls on the flight, hoping for anyone to save them from the horrible moment. I can't imagine how the pilots were trying their very best to handle the situation. These souls on boards are truly heroes. Battling against their own battles in unfortunate event.

In other part of the world; Egypt court sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death. What in the world is going on? Not to forget the issue in Rohingya, Ukraine, Syria and etc. 

Sometimes I wish I were a nation high ranking official whom can change the world (which is totally not suit me at all, I cry too easily even when I am freaking mad at people) but I can only deliver my thoughts and feelings and not more than that. I can just hope and never stop praying for the world peace. Lamest of the lamest.

Anyway, speaking of the flight, whenever Syafiq is scheduled to have a meeting or outstation outside from KL, I always got these symptom of "Risau like mak mak" or "Dah sampai ke". Rasa macam nak tanya all the time. Either travelling by car or flight, both pun memang buat rasa susah hati. Believe me, sometimes I wish were a sellotape that could attach to his clothes. I should start writing a story now - "If I were a sellotape".

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