Misi jumpa parents Syafiq Stage 1 (Part 2)


Hi. Of course it went well! :) :)

Stage 1 : Mission is successfully accomplished.


We (Along, Syaza and I) were supposed to start our journey at 9.30 (after they park their car at my house) but they were super super late. I was so angry of course, nasib tak kena cubit. So they reach around 12 and then tak jadi bawa my car and naik kereta Along. Dah lah dah masuk NKVE baru realised my wallet tertinggal dalam dashboard T T, patah balik then start the journey. Sampai Ipoh around 3 4 liddat.

Along the way, I was like confuse nak address his parents apa. Nak panggil makcik/pakcik or auntie/uncle omg depress betul zzz. Last last I didn't address them pun just macam you know cakap without adressing people. Just make an eye contact and put lotsa smiles. Padahal dah gelabah since they were passing me around (like a doll) to their other relatives. Seems that they were exciting seeing me and I couldn't help to feel a bit nervous while at the same time feeling happy to meet them. I wish everything will be pretty smooth next time and please Syida, relax.

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