Misi jumpa parents Syafiq (Part 1)


Tomorrow I'm gonna meet my boyfriend's family. Well, I'm actually a bit afraid of the outcome. His family might like me or might not. I dunno. He claimed his family is okay and is expecting me but for me, this is a huge decision to be made. 

The last time I met my boyfriend's (now ex-boyfriend) parents were 7 or 8 years back. That time we were teens and everything was so perfect with his family. We were 17 or 18 so what in the world should we worried about? Now, I'm 24 years old, gonna turn 24 this November, I really should worrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. I'm serious about my relationship this time. If I'm not serious I wouldn't mind meeting my partner's parents. This is why I really don't wanna be dragged to meet my boyfriend's parents in the earlier stage of my relationship. Apart from takmau dissapointed bila dah mesra or whatsoever with boyfriend's family, I think I did a good job there. So, I kept telling myself bila dah serius and dah serius nak commit the relationship to kahwin, senang cerita, dah nak kahwin, baru lah p jumpa his family. Or else, you don't go near his family.

So what Syafiq did was, he would let me meet his closest siblings first, like his sister and his brother. His sister is a year older than me (this Saturday is her wedding and that's where I'm gonna meet his parents for stage 1) and we've met and are good with each other. However, his brother tho is little, was a bit garang to me when I met him T T I really don't think he would approve me to be his sister in law. To which within time, I will make he approves me *preparing a list of good idea*

Since I'm not coming alone (I'm dragging my bestfriends along) I will make sure to optimise the minions that brought. They will be my mirror, my anchor and my psychiatrist. They will report and tell me what to do just in case if I go blank. Till then.  

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