First post of 2014


Wow. Like seriously, I've been neglecting my blog like 5 or 6 months already? Who cares about blog nowadays when you have other social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & etc) to post your everyday's status? LOL Twitter is being a good place to rant on the spot. Like looking a man being bite by dog and you must let everyone else knows it too or you were angry because of your seat in the plane near the window is being taken by some old grumpy middle aged woman who doesn't want to leave that seat even if you were eyeing her with disgusting look. Or if you were looking for a quick response, just tweet it and gotcha, you got it. While Facebook is full with relatives which I don't prefer much to update my everyday's status or whatsoever. I've been in the situation where you know if you don't put smiley emoticon at your back of your comment or 'hahaha' comment, you'll be looking rude to others ergh WTF. In order to keep a harmony environment in the social circle, one must never forget to put at least a dozen of smiles emoticon  at every sentences, like this :) :) :) 

I should be posting about my graduation, my birthday celebration, my important moments, my work, my vacation, my loved ones as I vowed before to keep this precious moments in the blog but of course, I've been so busy! After keeping up with the hectic schedule, catching up with human (real human and not machine), some me time (reading, drama marathon, shopping spree, sleeping for a whole day & etc), I couldn't find any free time to update my blog. There were a moment when you have that urge to post something and that feeling just went away ~

So, please bear with me, dear blogspot. You are the proof of my colourful youth to my future kids.


syafiqakarim said...

syida.kite pun dah j.a.r.a.n.g update. lelagi ada twitter ni. haha

nak tengok semua momen bahagia tu di sini!

Syida Shu said...

Iqa heeee rindunya zaman rajin update dulu dengan benaaa InsyaAllah will try update sikit masa lagi :)