Mak's birthday

So last night, Sapik and went home and surprise kan mak. I planned this with Abang and Uda. We couldnt tell Aida because of her mulut joyah hehe term that being used by us because my little sister cannot help keeping things to secret. But kantoi juga because mak dah nampak aku once I opened the door. She was shocked because I didnt say anything about going back home. Terus mak nampak big apple untuk her birthday. I was planning to buy her cake but I'm totally broke. So I bought her the doughnuts since she enjoyed it last time I bought few of them. I also gave her coupon to redeem her present once I get my first internship salary mihmihmih.

I felt pity that I couldnt provide her the best party ever as Im in the middle of preparing my final exam and my allowance money for this week is nearly habis because I shopped once the other day. Blame cotton on! Why must they are on the sales when I dont have enough money blergh. There was this awesome kedai kasut at Paradigm Mall. Tak ingat apa nama tapi nampak macam kedai baru which their shoes dibezakan mengikut saiz kaki. So if you are size 7 you just need to go straight to size 7 department. I found it cool! But since Sapik said that there is the same shop in Sunway too, now I looked like "Oh really?". Kenapa aku tak tahu pasal kedai yang awesome niiii. Whatever. Anyway the shop will be on my must-go-shop to shop.

Back to the mak's birthday, we talked about almost everything. From the kedai terbakar at Segambut to the pimples on my face. Thats how the topic varies. My pimples always become the hottest topic ever nyohh. we talked about Sapik too. A lot. Gossiping like a boss. There was this one time when I showed her what did Sapik tweeted the morning of her birthday and she went like blushinggggg. Mak was blushing all the way. I noticed it because her skin was so white. Like porcelain. Whiter than me so I noticed it. Hehe mak, why you are so comel.

I think Abah will take her to anywhere this weekend. Dinner together probably because thats how it went on her birthday last time. Sneaking out when their children fell asleep like teenagers nyonyonyo.

Anyway thank you for all your warmest wishes especially on Twitter. Mak was so malu, like always.  No wonder the pemalu trait turun pada her daughter 0:)  Happy birthday Mak yang ke 45. I love you always. No matter what I love you.


syafiqakarim said...

panjang umur ya mak.

Syida Shu said...

Thank you Iqa :D