Labour day

I dont know what had happened with wifi these past few days. Bukak Twitter, Facebook amboi laju. Nak buat research, nak bukak fakulti punya website, uni punya website amboii susah gila. Blog pun sama. Slow sangat. That explains why I cant log on into my blog. Geram :3

Last week, I had been busy like gila punya busy apesal tah banyak sangat assigment but still managed to have lunch and dine out with Sapik. At least that made me feel relieved. Oh haa sempat lagi kena food poisoning slash cirit birit slash pening slash loya stuff like that. Memang mencabar keimanan betul. Imagine that you have to make turn to toilet almost 8 times per day. Lepas tu muntah muntah eww. Luckily Alhamdulillah I managed to go to Pusat Kesihatan and got some meds.

On Friday I went to Bengkel Aplikasi Android which I had lots of fun. And knowledge too! It is a pretty good program held by my jabatan. Now I can design my own application woot woot. Bila dah siap buat satu contoh applikasi tu, I inserted it into my phone and tried to run it and jyeah it worked! Tak sabar nak buat app baru which is I dont know bila entah nak start because there are piles of assignments need to be done blergh. I have one more bengkel to attend, another test this coming Tuesday and another 3-days gaming competition next weekend. I really wanna lay on my bed happily, reading books without worrying about other stuff.

Oh haa, I also had developed haha developed ye, new hobby! I read comics nowadays anyonyonyo. I remembered that my parents didnt like me reading a comic. Its like a taboo in my house. So on my shelf there is none from comic genre. So what I did was, I borrowed from my cousin and read silently under my blanket haha then kantoi with my mak. Lepas tu kena pulangkan balik haha muka tanak lagi sedih lagi masa tu. lepas tu I went to rumah mak (my aunt that I called mak) regularly and sat in my Alang's bed. Since we shared lots of interest, we used to change reading materials with each other. He enjoyed reading comics and thriller and me is always romance and something like falsafah amende semua tu. But I enjoyed any genre also as long tak bosan. Oh haa semua siri penyiasat masa dekat sekolah tu, aku dah habiskan haha.

Okay now boleh baca comic balik. Sekarang nak baca Conan. Thank you Sapik untuk Conan haritu huwahuwa. Lepas ni nak beli lagi. Aum.

Seminggu tak menulis terus merapu macam macam. Happy labour day anyway.


semutmerah said...

Happy labour day too :)

syafiqakarim said...

mmg merapu mcm mcm ! haha
ish.mcm cool lah bengkel aplikasi android bagai.

bila nak baca buku masakan?
kan da nak kawen.kahkah

Syida Shu said...

SM, happy happy! :P

Iqa, tu lah. Nak kawen dah ni. Tapi tak buat preparation lagi wakaka