Pondan Pondan Production

Well we didnt go to Taman Botani that day as we planned because the weather was so hot and so we planned to eat haha. And then do some groceries before heading back to college and guess what, me and my pondan partner, Yanie, has started some small business. Yanie is the head officer and I'm the accountant hehe!

Why Pondan?

Firstly because we always called each other pondan and sometimes we'll berlagak like we are gangsters as well nyanyanya.

Secondly, bf called me pondan. He said I'm the most weird pondan. He also asked me where did I got my surgery and stuff euw. Rahsia mana boleh bagi tahu.

Anyway I'm hoping that we'll reach our objectives as we wish and dapat bercuti semester dengan gembiranya hoyeah. Amin amin.


nadia said...

boleh tak kat umah aku selalu kene ejek pondan ngn adek aku.. aku rasa cam jejak kasih jumpa kawan2 pompuan yg dipanggil pondan..

Didiey Fadhilah Ramli said...

Nama commercial gila . -.-