DHL trip

This morning I went to DHL for site visit dengan my coursemates. Everything went well and we all got the opportunity to see the actual working environment. I mean with the databases, server, generators, handsome leng chai, pool table, gym and a place for yoga. Of all places I really want to go to that yoga place. I really wanna try yoga, pilates apa semua tu but I never had the chances :(

#Sapik, jom pergi lenturkan badan.

As I'm typing this a friend of me replied my tweet and said that yoga is haram? Aaa seriously? Baru nak p lentur badan dengan gembira.

Okay takpe. Stick pada jogging. Cause I thought yoga could burn calories too. Jogging pun dah banyak kali skip zzz.

After DHL, kami pergi makan ramai ramai dekat Restoran Saba, Cyberjaya. I'm not good with makanan arab. Tapi dah coursemates nak p makan sana so I followed them and ordered half Hanith chicken which I shared with Bay. Supposed makan tu cukup untuk 2 orang but mannnn that was a huge portion for us. Boleh ajak lagi 2 orang makan sekali dengan kami. And at the end we tapau bawak balik pastu tak makan sebab teringin makan burger malam ni. And I feel worst after I ate burger just now.

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