My first job

Technically not my first job. I have been doing part time since I'd finished my SPM, during my semester breaks in matriculation and university. Cause you know I kinda malu mintak makpak for money (of course I still mintak them and they gave me in form of allowances only if you help fetching your brother and sister you get this and yada yada) to shop. So I used my salary back then to buy various things adohai menyesal tak simpan dalam ASB biar ternak lama lama kan. In my university days pun I sell shawls (I'm still doing this - cek gelakgiggle in instagram) and buat roti sausage with Yanie and put in the student's block. It's worth it cause even though we have more that enough money, the joy of getting our shopping money without touching our study loan adalah sangat menggembirakan. Well, in my case, I used that money to pay for my car loan.

Anyway, esok I'm gonna start my very first work that I got using my degree hehehehehehe I'm so happy I can feel the butterflies in my tummy. Happy juga cause I can pay back my PTPTN loan, car loan and beri kepada ibubapa and yes sambung bayar kereta. My parents ajar kami jangan depends pada mereka (that's what you are gonna go through when your father works in a bank). Even though my dad bought me the car, I still need to pay back the loan with my own money. I got my first car back in December 2012. Sepanjang tu I paid sendiri my car loan (except 2 months back sebab dah habis belajar, I assumed dapat kerja terus bila habis belajar :P) with my practical allowance money and part time dekat company intern tu sendiri. Since I'm not fond of cars (not yet) I think I'm gonna stick with my Kelisa sampai lah cannot use anymore. And, thank God it's auto.

I already planned where would my salary goes. First and my first step is to keep for savings first. Supaya I can have my expenditures terkawal. I cannot shopping merambu lagi cause I think I've been through that phase back during my teens age, sampai sekarang I cannot brain apesal banyak sangat things that I shouldnt have to buy tapi beli juga. No I dont hate myself though cause I learned from there I think. Yekk ayat sedap hati sangat.

Next would be, I need to, of course pay my car loan. Lepas tu, bayar parking kereta office and rumah. Allocate some money for makan at workplace. Give money to parents and buy some household items such as food. So, baki boleh lah I use to shop ke apa.

For PTPTN loan, I still want to find the great way to pay back the loan. Back when Yanie and I was like belangkas kemana mana, we found a way how to pay back our study loan secara pukal means bayar sekali gus. Kami masukkan duit dalam ASB for some time and after that baru keluarkan and pay back the loan. But within the time I cannot keluar Malaysia lah kan. So for the time being I thing I buat savings in ASB and other bank juga then bila sampai masa, keluarkan dan bayar semua hutang. I wanna start with my study loan first and then beli rumah (kalau jumpa desired house) and bayar hutang kereta. Wah, so banyak hutang.

ASB as I heard, there are many rumours going around about haram menyimpan duit dalam situ. Tapi saya cuba berpegang pada prinsip harus melaburkan duit di dalam ASB dan juga perbankan lain. Link is here.

Wah, so many plans. For the next few months you guys would be reading this stuff about money management nyanyanya till then. Hope for the best for tomorrow.