Test test testing


It's weird I think, as I'm typing my entry using my phone. I'm so few years back LOL.

So, here I am, busy with thesis, few tests, finding material for my FYP (saying thesis/FYP makes it sounds important huh? But hell yeah it's true). Met my supervisor for FYP the other day. Dah pesan banyak kali kena buat semua ikut timeline projek. It's okay to be early but jangan lambat as it would mess up your timeline. So am gonna start soon...which will be of course after tomorrow. I got a test on Saturday which is so not cool sangat.

To conclude, rasa macam tak best pakai fon aaaaa. Tapi best juga kalau nak try sesaja kan.

Okay. Gotta sleep now. Pip pip.


Didiey. said...

Kita pun FYP juga. Kita pun stress juga. *tarik rambut*

cha said...

pakai phone senang post entry sambil baring haha. good luck how was it?