Open Block and Finishing School

Untuk semester dua, selalunya kolej where I'm staying akan buat open block or we called it DUNIA's event. Open block ni macam hias block ikut tema yang diberikan. Since teman kali ni adalah Desa Tercinta, we did kampung punya style. Blok lain, buat style lain. Contoh blok lain buat tema baba nyonya punya style. Ada yang buat style kampung Sabah. Tapi sempat tengok yang baba nyonya tu je. So apparently biasa biasa je but I love how Tuah's block style kan baba nyonya punya culture dalam blok dorang though their persembahan biasa saja. Cinta terhalang orang tua, so cliche.

And for my block pulak, Lekiu, how can I not love my block punya persembahan kan? Nyanyanya. They were amazing, of course. They should produce more kampung style. But still, they were doing a great job.

I love their ideas of getting the roosters in the reban. One of the students asked some of the UPM's staff yang handle bahagian ladang untuk beri pinjam 5 ekor ayam jantan kalau tak silap. They also got booth roti canai yang ditebar on the spot so when the VIP/pemberi markah datang, they can prepare for them on the spot. Same goes with satay's booth. And inn the middle of the show they were doing the flash mob selain ada persembahan tarian dan mini sketsa. They also got some villagers to wash their clothes beside the river, give foods to the roosters, and ada juga orang bercucuk tanam apart from the kids yang main teng teng and other traditional games.

Andddddddddd, I'm going to miss this. Ahhh. Esoknya, on Saturday. I went to Finishing School. It's a program designed for final year student which I found it not actually wajibulgunnah as so called syarat bergraduat-lah katanya. Later in the evening, due to the perfectly good weather I skipped the evening session along with my two other friends. We've got things to do and and yes, we skipped Sunday session too. Final year pun mahu ponteng ponteng.

Okay lepasni tak buat dah. *crossing fingers


cha said...

wah best giler ada benda benda camni kat kolej. kreatif sgt pastu dpt tema best pulak. siap ada teng teng tu haha

Syida Shu said...

Penat nak hias cha!