Belated birthday.

Last Friday, I went to celebrate my bestfriend's Birthday, Syaza. I'm happy that she turns two years older than me haha! But I'm not happy that we didn't spent so much time together :( She had to rush to a picnic and left me alone in the room till noon watching GG while waiting for boyfriend to go cycling and turned out that it was too late when we reached the place because it started to rain cats and dogs. Double disappointment :(

Nonetheless I gotta to give my bestfriend a surprise party. Yay! 

No pictures since we snapped it with instax and the other yang ada dalam phone pun cacats because gelap kot zzz. Thanks to Jaja and Tembel that brought her to other place that I never agreed haha and to Sapik too.

Maybe its too late but happy belated birthday my dear. For all the ups and downs in the past, how can we not be together? 

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