Hip hip hurray for nothing, obviously.

1- My sister, esok nak exam, malam ni baru nak hafal vocab arab. And hafal poem untuk hari kanak kanak. Why Aida, why at this hour.

2- Today is really a lazy day. I woke up late. I read some book. I did house chores just to fill in my time. And of course, movie marathon, selang seli dengan baca buku and sleep T.T

3- Mak masak sedap sangat sampai rasa nak makan 2 kali and hampir makan vanilla cupcake that I saved in the cupboard. Argh! Tak boleh nak buat lagi, sebab esen vanilla habis. Can I pour my vanilla perfume as a replacement?

4- I asked Abang to teach me how to play dota or blackshot and ended up with his smirk face. I was bored! Couldnt you teach me how to play, brother?!

5- Today is my bestfriend's birthday. I love you, bitch! But cannot kacau her sebab mungkin beliau busy. Fortunately we were talking over skype and gossiping a lot yesterday. So much things to catch up. Awh I missed her :((

6- And harini birthday Abang Ngah and Abang Teh too!

7- Tomorrow is Monday. This typical I-hate-Mondays word will only appear like today and the rest of the day.

Hip hip hurrayh!


scha roslan. said...

dr kau main dota baik kau google benda2 craft lg sronok. hehe

Syida Shu said...

Haha aku ada buat jugak. Just for fun. Sewing and baking and cooking. Tapi sekarang Im looking forward to knitting!