368 days of being together.

Before this I was a person yang will get excited over this thing - anniversary. Monthly pun aku dah rasa happy. But one year of being together -of course I'm happy- I just don't know what to celebrate. Maybe because at first few months tu macam excited, bila dah setahun ni dah rasa macam, "Wow, setahun dah. How time flies so fast? Is it bad?"

See these paranoid things that kept coming, aargh.

Sometimes I want to settle down as soon as possible. And there are times when I dont want too. Most of the times. But because planning to get married is so much fun! With all the pretty wedding dresses with a ceremony and of course in the very minimal cost and very limited people, planning which house and car to buy, how to get the tonnes of the money to pay this stuff, I am trying to get myself excited over the phrase "There are times when I dont want to."

 But still cant deny the fact that I'm happy. He is happy. And we are happy :)

Dear my long life partner insyaAllah, happy one year anniversary. Please dont stop 'meow' me back.