Cameron dan kesejukannya.

Sebenarnya aku tak suka sejuk. Aku tak suka benda yang berkaitan sejuk yang boleh menyebabkan badan aku kena tahan dengan kondisi sekeliling. Maybe exception kepada hujan dan aiskrim. Hujan is other thing. I love rainy days but I dont like when the it makes me cold. Jadi nak hujan yang panas? Analogi yang apakah aku cuba sampaikan ni. Okay kesimpulannya I dont like extreme cold like aircond yang pasang 18 degrees tu pun aku dah boleh freezing. Makanya cuaca di Cameron is not suit for me. And when it rains I would be like super freezing. The temperature could be below 14 degrees dan kalau sebulan aku duduk sana mesti hidup aku ditemani stokin dan sweater yang berlapis  dan berjalan jalan berbungkus seperti orang sedang pantang dan tidur di bawah gebar tebal setiap hari. Statement yang over, I know.

I once said to Sapik that I would love to live in Cameron. Because I love the greeny scenery, the smells of the fresh flowers, the birds chirping in the morning and their people that live far from cities. Now not anymore. Cameron is not in the list. Blame on its cold and chilly weather. Nonetheless I wish I have kampung at Cameron now. Yes, I do realized that my statement now is a contradiction to the paragraph above but I really want a kampung. I want to feel the feeling of balik kampung together with family but I guess I have to wait. Lagi lagi waktu raya adalah sangat cemburu dengan orang lain when they all balik kampung together few days before raya. I dont have kampung to be proud of. The only matters that made me proud of KL during raya is that, you wont have to worry about the traffics. I shall be proud of it, at least.

What I wanted to share is about my trip to Cameron with my colleagues. They were so nice and although we were the only 3 girls among the trip, the rest is 12 guys, I had fun with them. I wish I have the pictures to be kept in this blog (because I WONT have any diary now, so I guess photos with few words would be nice to keep as memories) aaa, nevermind, Ill ask my colleague to send me some. She was the one that love taking pictures of all of us. Asking us to line up, to sit there, to do this and that before started taking pictures B)

We went to several places, bee farm, strawberry park, Boh plantations and their markets. I didnt buy anything except for teh bukit cheeding that Sapik suggested to buy for my parents because I had been to Cameron in March and mak too went to Cameron few weeks before. She brought strawberries, vegetables, teas, pillow and lots of stuff too. Thats why she didnt asked me to buy anything. Sapik pun tanak sebab he used to go to Cameron. Selalu pulak kan. Hari tu kitorang pergi Cameron juga. Cuma Za nak patung strawberry tapi tak beli because of macam segan nak beli benda besar masuk kereta orang :( Ill make up for her nanti!

Kesimpulannya, the trip was great. But its kinda mengada bila hari pertama sampai rasa macam nak balik KL pulak. Geez.

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gdsbnga said...

macam best je kalau ade kampung dekat cameron . bila raya dah rase macam dekat perantauan dah sebab sejuuukkk ! hihi