What braces did to me!

We have been together since October 2011 I guess. Couldnt recall the exact date. So on June 3rd, 2014, I'd finally decided I must meet my ortho so that I could go braces-free before puasa and raya. Not that I eager nak beraya without braces but you know, this is the right time for me to part with my braces. Before this I'd go thru series of tak-mau-bukak-braces moment because I have this thing yang susah nak berpisah dengan anything yang that get used to. Well, everyone has it too haha. Mine just over over over over sangat mkay. 

So finally bila dah confirm rasa nak book terus secure the appointment. My ortho dah called since I think after graduate last year. But because of those childish moment of mine, tahun ni baru pergi bukak. Lagi pulak since I was on probation period tak boleh sesuka hati nak apply cuti tho my dental clinic tu just 4 minutes to reach. I thought the procedure would take longer time but it took actually around 10-15 minutes. Of course siap cuci semua. Nasib pergi tengah hari waktu lunch. So can save cuti hehehe!

My ortho is Dr Ng. She is really really really soft spoken doctor I've ever met. If i were a kid pun I won't be scared while she attends me. So she asked me dah ready ke. To which I replied, rasa reluctant sangat, I feel like a part of me is gonna be separated from me. Drama telenovela tv3 sangat.

Masa nak cabut bracket tu rasa macam ortho nak cabut gigi tu sekali. I was screaming silently while hoping nothing bad happened. Bila dah siap cuci tu rasa pelik sangat kenapa dah tiada gigi. Padahal bukan gigi yang takde, braces tu haha.

For retainer pulak, since my case us minor and because of my teeth bahagian atas tersangkut dekat belakang bahagian gigi bawah, since gigi atas tu dah keluar, then I don't need any retainer. Basically my structure gigi dah okay just because of the one teeth tu yang gigi terus jadi senget. So since ortho yang cakap macam tu I pun okay jelah. Anyway i tak buat gigi bawah pun sebab dia kata tak payah which I find its true. I jenis senyum tak nampak gigi bawah. Lagipun gigi bawah even ada satu gigi kebelakang pun it would't affect the whole structure. Then kerana itulah I pakai atas sahaja. Terlepas seksa braces.

This is my teet before wearing braces. 

Notice that my front teeth tu kebelakang. Its so hard and I swear dia semakin kebelakang before I pakai braces. Thats why I consult for getting braces. Bukanlah suka suka. Gila nak pakai sesakit camtu takde motif duhh.

Below pulak is my gigi atas and bawah bila rapat.

Tak tegak pulak haha but basically that was the view of my teeth suatu masa dahulu.

Gambar mula mula pakai braces tak ingat where I simpan. But below are some photos yang gigi tengah gerak. Dulu I suka pakai either pink, deep blue, baby blue, green. Itu je haha. Masa bulan bulan terakhir I bought flower pattern band dari one insta shop ni pastu suruh ortho pakai kan kat gigi. Pastu ortho cakap nampak besar and meriah hehe

So I guess the aftermath is pretty awesome. I look like I'm trapped in some other people's body. Below is the latest picture 

Dengan pipi tembamnya and gigi wabbitnyaaa after like almost 3 years now I'm free from braces yay!

But I miss my besi tho.


BENA said...

Takpe. Lain2 pon tetap omei. Hihihi

BENA said...

Takpe. Lain2 pon tetap omei. Hihihi