Leave days

Dah almost 9 months kerja and apart from my salary increment, I got like 17 annual leaves to be taken in a year! Hahah okay brag pasal cuti oh cmonnn Syida, get a life please.

Sebenarnya total cuti is 14 days je but masa probation days, I ada ambil few leave days. Suppose tak boleh ambil cause tengah probation kan. Bila dah habis probation dorang kasi balik cuti tu. Sebab tu dapat extra leave 3 days. Total up jadi 17 days. The other day pergi tukar license cuti lagi so tinggal 16 leaves. Tak bestnya sebab takde half day. So rasa macam bazir sangat k cuti tu *talking about annual leave management*

Ceritanya I can plan my holidays dah ni. Dalam kepala of cos I got list of places I wanna visit but banyak sangat constraint. Nonetheless Syaza and I had already made plans, cuma tunggu masa aaaah I really cannot wait. Bila lagi nak p holiday with your own bestfriend kan?

Anyway, esok dah buka braces. Meaning I'll have to say goodbye to braces :( I don't know how others with braces would feel, but I certainly feel that I'm gonna be separated from one of my body parts. These feelings ugh but nak tanak I have to. This is the time I shall bid you farewell braces *crying in pain*

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