Being gemok can stress me out, I know its ridiculous

Stressnya. Stress sebab dah gemok. Stress stress.

Not that i want to have these stupid feelings but this is super big issue bagi seorang Syida. I just wanna get my 48kgs weight back but it seems ridiculous. My weight once reached 51kg earlier of this year and then it stopped. I didnt gain weight lepas tu boom tetiba naik jadi 55kg then 58kg. Stupid urge 

Now I'm down to 55-56kg. Still lots of kg to be shed. For 156cm girl, it is a problem. Major problem. By raya I wanna drop to 52kg at least. Please syida please, work your ass for it. Go to gym, have a super strict diet, dont eat pun boleh syida please please work for it.

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