I was

I was thinking too much I guess.


I have this feeling which I dont want to commit myself to do something that I wish to do but I dont now. It might look pretty from the outside but I'm not sure how things would be in the inside. I dont want to keep things slowly cause I dont think I can keep things in the right path.

Yes. I am ragu-ragu. I am ragu-ragu towards everything now. Even to myself. I just want to be a unit that could protect myself from any harm. I'm no superhero but count me out, I'm sure you won't have any trouble.


O' brain, why must you take me to your deepest forest?


Rara Nasiha said...

be strong dear. Whatever it is :)

syafiqakarim said...

sifat ragu-ragu itu elok juga
tapi dalam tiap apa-apa sentiasa
minta petunjukNya

IMY shida