Things that we couldn't let go but we have to

Tajuk yang over yeayeah. I went to meet my ortho last Monday. Dia ingat datang nak bukak besi and nak pasang retainer. But I datang bawak flower punya braces bands that I bought from Braces Faces. Hiuhiu. Do check it out their page here.

They have lotsa fancy braces bands. Ranging from different colours (of course), and patterns like Mickey, Hello Kitty and Flower they are affordable and cute! Mine is flower punya pattern in pink and green. I also bought blue and pink punya bands. Cantik but actually lepas ni dah nak bukak and I have to let go to siapa yang pakai braces :( Sayang gila sebab dah macam part of my body pulak lulz. 

Tak nampak pulak bila tengok macam ni. Dah try edit pun still cacat. But you can refer to their page. Kalau nak pakai fake braces pun ada. Siapa yang pakai permanent braces macam me you can buy them and bring it to your ortho. Tak silap ada jual powerchain juga. 

So what will happen when I senyum tutup mulut? Inilah dia. Macam duckface pun ada wiuwiwu. Takpelah nak bukak dah kan. Gigi dah cantik Yay!