I love food to my heart's content. I wish I could eat without worrying the foods would go straight to my butt and my cheeks. Ini apesal entah teringin nak makan macam macam pulak sekarang. Lepas ni tu nanti rasa berdosa bila makan lepas tu tidur. Ergh.

I went to SRT's students punya Mexican cuisine at Homec Restaurant afternoon tadi. Last time I went to Le Apperenti UPM for Turkish cuisine made by food's student which held by my friends. They cooked and they served. You could see they were very polite as the task will be their marks for their coursework. Not to mention their Baklava during Turkish cuisine was awesome and I wish I have one melts in my mouth now. Oh haa their sorbet too. U.U .And I missed a lot of their interesting cuisine such as Bugis cuisine, France cuisine and so on. Nanti ingat ingat balik lepas tu menyesal kenapa tak sempat cari masa nak pergi makan semua ni blergh. Semester 8 balik UPM mesti nak pergi lagi makan makan makan. 

//They said bila stress makin less appetite. Kenapa me will have this selera gajah whenever I am under stress? 


si ngokngek said...

sumpah tak jeles,aku makan ikan bakar tadi..err


syafiqakarim said...

k fine.