Just now I went for my interview for my internship position this coming July. The moment we reached there (Hani and I), we almost lost and couldnt find each other as the Solaris Dutamas is really confusing. We took about half an hour to meet even though we've reached the place. Later on I texted Mr. Faizal who is the person incharge and informed him that we both sesat barat dalam mall tu zzz nasib baik he helped.

Ive been there before as I worked there before and lepak makan stuff like that but well I dont have any free time to observe the place. I knw there are offices but I dont know which floor yet its number is really man, I is zeriouzly need to hafal all the levels and floor and rooms after this blergh okay takpe nanti biasalah dengan semua tu bila dah intern kat situ. Ahem.

Okay ya, aku dah dapat internship dekat situ. Hoyeah hurrayh Alhamdulillah. So I have to reject the one at Bandar Tasik Selatan because this one is really near to home. So after finals end have to struggle belajar PHP and Ruby apetah haa me is sure need to be like a sponge. Absorb all this stuff quickly so that nanti takde lah miserable sangat.

Maka sekarang mari concentrate assignment. Ya assignment. Sebab esok mahu berjimba jimba pergi mengayuh basikal.


Didiey Fadhilah Ramli said...

syda actually course apa eh?

Syida Shu said...

Sc comp Didiey :D