I miss writing. I miss spilling my half-berangan thought here. I miss writing the random idea, the random words that first appeared inside of my head. I'm an awkward writer now. I don't know what to spill because I simply have a very complicated thought which I don't know where is the end to pull the strings accordingly.

Maybe because I rested too long. I wasn't resting. I mean yeah maybe I was resting from writing too long LOL. I was busy preparing for an event. My college event. The stressed of dealing with thousands behavior has made me feel like seriously I need to get out from here. These people are not guilty. I need some time to know each of them, learn their habit before I can direct them to do what I wanted to be which certainly I'm not a good leader but I know I'll be a good follower.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Its 0048 and am still not sleepy.


syafiqakarim said...

kena rancang elok.kalau tak dengar kata cubit kan aja bontot mereka.
hihi.rindu syida !

eykameow said...

kadang2 i rasa tulisan dlm blog u ni comel sgt la syida...wuwuwuwu!

semutmerah said...

biasalah ragam manusia.
tak dapat nak kawal semuaa. hik3.

*jadilah ketua yang baik naaa :)

Syida Shu said...

Iqa, nk marah pun tak sampai hati, apekan lagi nak cubit dorang haha. Rindu Iqa comel juga! <3

Eyka, nyanyanya thank you sweetiepie aumm.

SM, ketua yang cool boleh hehe!