+ So tell me how did you meet your boyfriend? 
- Huh?
+ I never heard you mention his name before.
- And why do I have to mention his name in every conversation?
+ Pelik. Tiba tiba ada.
- Tak pelik pun. 
+ So? How?
- It has been 3 years since we knw each other. Hardly seeing each other, just one phone call, rarely texting. Tiba tiba jadi.
+ Tiba tiba?
- Tiba tiba. 
+ So, are we just friends now?
- Seems legit.
+ Cool. I'm pretty good listener you know, in case of anything. 
- Yeah, right, thanks.
+ We can still meet up and chat and so on kan, you know I'm back in here for just 2 months. Kalau bosan bosan kan.
- Yeah yeah, lets.

My goddd, I'm actually having THIS conversation last night and it was weird. 

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